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Double XXposure Media Relations, Inc., is a full service Public Relations & Artist Development Firm owned and headed by Angelo Ellerbee. The services are designed to achieve maximum XXposure. Below are the list of services offered. Click here to read the background of our team of creative professionals.

  • Publicity

  • Photography

  • Artist Promotion

  • Make-Up Artistry

  • Event Production

  • EPK Development

  • Artist Development

 A culture that does not take care of, nor respect its artists is a culture that leaves nothing behind to appreciate.


Double XXposure’s Artist Development Program offers a comprehensive syllabus that covers the range of services required to prepare an artist for the many aspects of his/her life as an entertainer. From clothing, hair, make-up, and carriage, to speech and etiquette, the team at Double XXposure leaves no stone unturned. Additionally, their program is designed to provide the artist with knowledge and information to ensure intelligent decisions and career choices. Double XXposure focuses on legal affairs, industry terminology, artist rights etc.  The team at Double XXposure Media Relations believes in education and empowerment, given with heaps and bounds of positive energy and motivation. Our focus and mission is to assist artists, their managers and their record companies with the long-term development of the artist’s career.


During the Motown era, recording careers were well-planned and images were created and enhanced by professionals who encouraged artists to develop every aspect of their performance personas. It was that kind of commitment that gave birth to some of the biggest superstars of our time and Double XXposure is in the business of creating superstars.


Ready to get started? So are we. Call or email us today:

Tel: 201-224-6570

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