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Angelo Ellerbee
Founder & CEO

Double XXposure Media Relations was founded fifty years ago by Angelo Ellerbee to be a one-stop-shop for his clients. Record labels he once worked for as well as several others sought out Ellerbee to not only optimize the exposure of their artists with publicity, but to also groom up and coming acts for longevity with his cutting-edge Artist Development training course.

Ellerbee represents a wide clientele such as the legendary Dionne Warwick, Robert “Kool” Bell of Kool & the Gang and entrepreneur Mathew Knowles. His roster includes newer clients such as Afro-Pop sensation FATi, hip hop master 88 LO, author/entrepreneur Katrina Walker and music producer Prince Hakim. Over the years Angelo worked with several industry folks including Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, DMX (whom he also managed) and Academy Award nominee, director Ava Duvenay.  Hit makers Mary J. Blige and Alicia Keys benefited from Ellerbee’s artist development regimen at the beginning of their careers.

In addition, Double XXposure’s Events Division is also unparalleled. Angelo utilizes skills mastered while attending NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology to design and produce spectacular events, both large and small. The well-rounded Ellerbee also recognizes the importance of social activism and the well-founded marriage of entertainment and politics. The synergies are actually never-ending, in Angelo's mind.

As sole proprietor of Double XXposure for many decades, Ellerbee is a survivor in a business that has chewed up and spit out many people. The music business, and entertainment in general, has undergone several industry-altering changes in the past few years and Ellerbee moves with the tide, re-branding and re-inventing his services and capabilities to fit the current marketplace. Elerbee is not in this business of entertainment to be famous, as so many are in this new reality TV world. He is in it to serve his clients.

Ellerbee’s professional direction is rooted in the old-school principle of ensuring the all-around preparedness of the artist. Taking a cue from Motown Records founder Berry Gordy, he adapted that winning strategy to serve contemporary artists. Ellerbee’s tenacity and adaptability has enabled him to attract superstar clients and his unwavering commitment to the complete development of artists has positioned Double XXposure among the leading entertainment industry public relations and marketing companies.

A testament to Angelo's staying power is that he has never had to solicit or advertise for business. In fact 50 percent of his former clients eventually return to the fold. He studies his clients and their potential with the tactical precision of a military general. He leaves no stone unturned, in a rather guerrilla-like fashion, when approaching his work to enhance the profiles of his clients, who these days also include authors, athletes, executives and the like.

Angelo A. Ellerbee has staying power and guides Double XXposure Media Relations as any strong captain would with his ship - steady, focused, sure, and on course. That is undoubtedly why, though many others have gone under throughout the years, Angelo Ellerbe and Double XXposure remains strong.

Angelo Ellerbee is available for speaking engagements.

For inquiries, call (201) 224-6570 or email

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